Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bjorn Today

Just for Steph and my mom, both of whom are tennis fans…

It's Bjorn Borg’s 51st birthday today (pictured above, center, with Roger Federer, left, and Rafael Nadal, right). The Swede won Wimbledon five consecutive years from 1978-1981. He also won the French Open six times, was runner-up four times in the U.S. Open (never winning it) to Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe (twice each), and his total of 11 Grand Slam titles is third all-time behind Pete Sampras (14) and Roy Emerson (12).

Others with birthdays today that are all pop-culture relevant are:

Staci Keanan of My Two Dads fame (with Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan) and also Step by Step (with Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Sommers). Keanan is 32. Wow. I thought she was a lot older than me. I’ll confess that I used to have a crush on her when I was younger… at least until she played a bitchy character on Step by Step.

Max Casella, “Vinnie” of Doogie Howser, M.D. fame, is 40 today. For you video-game fans, he is also the voice of “Daxter” in the “Jax and Dexter” video game series. He’s recently been seen in The Sopranos and in Analyze This with Robert DiNiro and Billy Crystal.

Comedienne Sandra Bernhard is 52. She’s in one of my favorite movies, Hudson Hawk (with Bruce Willis). Catch it if you can… it’s hilarious and has the best in-movie singing sequence I’ve seen, for a non-musical.

Freddy Krueger himself, actor Robert Englund is 58.

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