Friday, February 01, 2008


So I’m at a stop light on my way to work, when I see a woman run across the street in front of me to try and catch the bus that’s behind me. She waves at the bus driver as she’s head to the bus, and then I see her in my rear-view mirror knocking on the door of the bus, asking for the driver to let her on. She’s standing by the door of the bus sandwiched between the bus and the right-hand turn lane, pleading to get on the bus, and just so you know, the bus stop is literally twenty-five feet behind where the bus is stopped. It’s not like we’re far from where the bus would normally let her on, anyway. Unfortunately, the light turned green, I had to go (which now I realize, I coulda stayed right there and made the driver put her on the bus by refusing to move… darnit), and the poor woman got stuck waiting for the next bus.

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