Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bah Dah Ba-BAH…!


I love Drew Struzan, the artist who did this. He’s also done posters for Star Wars, Blade Runner, Police Academy, Coming to America, and the rest of the Indiana Jones movies. More recent work includes the Harry Potter movie posters. He also does a lot of album covers, including Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare, which Rolling Stone dubbed one of the "Top 100 Album Covers of All Time," and just recently did the new Angels & Airwaves cover for I-Empire.

Despite the fact that I like the poster, I’m still not sold on the title or the movie, based on these stills:

I know I’m picky, but doesn’t Harrison Ford look a little too clean as Indy? And Shia LaBeouf looks a little too slick. He reminds me of MacGyver’s son (look it up). Shoulda gone without the moustache, too.

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