Sunday, October 14, 2007

What the...!?

How crazy have the last three weekends in college football been? Three weeks ago, five of the top ten teams in the nation lost and the top team in the nation, USC, slips to number two despite not losing. Two weeks ago, new No. 1 LSU survives a scare from No. 9 Florida, and new No. 2 USC loses to Stanford, an upset that many think is bigger than Division-IAA Appalachian State beating then-No. 5 Michigan (mostly because people don’t think that Stanford can beat Appalachian State and Michigan isn’t nearly as good as USC was thought to be).

To top that off, this week, No. 1 LSU AND No. 2 Cal both lose on the same day, LSU in triple-overtime against No. 17 Kentucky and Cal to unranked Oregon State. This is the first time since 1996 that the top two teams have lost in the same week. So now, Ohio State sits atop both the AP and the Coaches’ Polls at No. 1, and SOUTH FLORIDA sits at No. 2 in the AP Poll and No. 3 in the Coaches’ Poll – after never, EVER, having been ranked in their history before this year.

South Florida is a top-three team in the nation?!?! That’s nuts. I have to admit, I really don’t think that South Florida is among the top three football teams in the nation, even though I’m a big fan of mid-major schools. No offense to South Florida, but it’s still crazy.

I’d say that this year’s college football has been just as much fun as almost any NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and reminds me of the 2005 NCAA Tournament where little George Mason out of the Colonial Athletic Association, using just 6.5 players, made the Final Four. Unfortunately, just like 2005, I expect a big school to win the national championship. Which school? I have no idea, and neither does anybody else.

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