Wednesday, September 19, 2007

For My All-Important Female Demographic

Here’s news for you that is unrelated in anyway to any of the male-centric stories and thoughts that I have and normally write about: the first first shot from the Sex in the City movie being filmed in New York.

In fact, the film began shooting this week and is being directed by the series’ executive producer, Michael Patrick King. All the cast regulars are back, including the men in their lives, and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) is also a part of the cast, supposedly as an assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie. The movie is due out sometime in 2008.

Sorry, I know nothing of the plot, nor do I know what SJP is wearing the in photo. I’m pretty sure it’s not from her Steve & Barry’s collection, but I could be wrong.

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