Monday, August 27, 2007

Universal Tie-In

Just in case you’re bored or an insomniac, there will be a total lunar eclipse tomorrow morning, beginning at 4:51 AM EDT, reaching totality about 5:32 AM EDT, and ending at 7:22 AM EDT. The only views of the total eclipse will be in the Western Hemisphere, since the moon will have set in Europe, Asia and Africa by the time the eclipse begins. The best views are where I am, on the West Coast, but I’m not counting on being awake. It would be neat, though.

FYI, the next total lunar eclipse will be on February 21, 2008 and will viewable from the Americas, Europe and Asia. Mark your calendars now.

* * *

Interesting how this eclipse coincides with the release of NBC’s Heroes DVD, since a total solar eclipse played a prominent role early in the series and in the marketing (see picture, above). The significance of the eclipse in the show hasn’t been revealed yet, but I believe they are supposed to touch on it this season. I wouldn’t put it past the marketing guys to have chosen the release date based on eclipse. Regardless, I’m running out to purchase it tomorrow. I know – you’re hardly surprised.

The choice I have to make is whether or not to buy the first season of Friday Night Lights, as well (a steal at $19.95). It’s a great show that got mediocre ratings last year, but I’m sure the low price on the Season 1 DVD set is a way to generate some interest. Go rent or buy it if you’ve never seen it. Even Kindra likes it, and she was wary of watching it because it was supposedly “just about football.” It’s actually a very well-done show. I wrote a little about it last year here. The show deals with all the ups and downs that are associated with high-school life (and life in general) not just for students, but for their parents and their community as well. It just happens to be set around a football-obsessed town.

* * *

* -- Universal is the studio that produces Heroes, just in case you were wondering what the title had to do with anything.

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