Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tiger Cub

Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, had their first child on Monday morning. Sam Alexis Woods is either going to be 1) hot (like her mother) or 2) a stud athlete (like her father).

Speaking of Tiger, I love how all the media is trying to figure out the ramifications of Tiger’s not winning the U.S. Open. “Did Angel Cabrera win? Or did Tiger lose?” “Do we expect too much of Tiger?” “Is Tiger too bulky [he’s gotten pretty muscular] for golf?” “Is Tiger losing his touch?”

Sheesh. The dude’s probably the best athlete playing golf, he works out, he’s 30 and has won 12 majors. The only thing he hasn’t done is come from behind on the last day. He’s the most dominant golfer of his generation, and nobody asked that of Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, etc. Nobody asked if they were too dominant. Tiger’s great for golf, and great for kids.

The only thing I don’t like about him is how he’s now “African American.” Not that he wasn’t before, but he is the product of an African-American father and Thai mother. He’s partially Asian-American, which he indicated when he was accepted to Stanford. Now he’s an African-American athlete, with no mention or regard to his Asian heritage. I find it sad, and there is thought that it has to do with marketing to African Americans, but it still would be great if he acknowledged both sides of his heritage. Asian-American kids and kids like Danica who are partially Asian-American need models out there to look up to and also to show the rest of America that Asian-Americans are as much a part of America as anybody else. They need more than Asian athletes like Yao Ming, Chien-Ming Wang, and Ichiro Suzuki to watch. They need more Michelle Kwans, more Dat Nguyens, and especially more Tiger Woods.

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stephanie said...

don't forget about Amy chow! or michael chang. haha. but i get your point. it's kinda forgotten that Tiger is half asian.