Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer!

Today is the Northern Solstice, commonly referred to as the Summer Solstice. For more information than you could possibly want about the solstice, head to Wikipedia.

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About the whole birthdays thing… I don’t think I care about it enough. So, you’ll get them whenever they’re interesting or I lack frivolous information to give you. But, I feel like it today, so…

Happy birthday to Prince William of Wales, who turns 25, and now has access to the interest from his mother’s trust, which is valued at roughly $500,000 a year. But they say he’s not going to touch it. Oh… okay, then.

Actress Juliette Lewis is 34 today. She started on the short-lived TV series (but one of my dad’s favorites) I Married Dora, and went onto movies such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (with Chevy Chase), Cape Fear (with Robert DeNiro - she also earned an Oscar nomination for her performance), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (with Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio), Kalifornia (with Brad Pitt), Natural Born Killers (with Woody Harrelson), Strange Days (with Ralph Fiennes), The Basketball Diaries (with Leo, again), Old School (with Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Farrell) and Starsky & Hutch (with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson). Yikes. I didn’t know that she’s worked with so many people… You could call it “Six Degrees of Juliette Lewis.”

Here’s a blast from the past: Derrick Coleman. He could’ve been one of the best, if he wasn’t so much of an idiot. He’s 40 today. And speaking of former NBA players, proof that white men CAN jump and owner of one of the most vicious dunks in NBA history, Tom Chambers is 48 today. What dunk? See here.

FYI, here is how not to do this:

Oddly enough, it’s both Meredith Baxter’s and Michael Gross’ 60th birthday. You might know them better as Elise and Steven Keaton, the parents from Family Ties. Bernie Kopell, who played Dr. Adam “Doc” Bricker on The Love Boat (but has a ridiculous number of guest appearances on other shows) turns 74 today.

Here’s what happens when I start writing this stuff: I feel compelled to go on. For instance, yesterday was Nicole Kidman’s 40th birthday. It was also singer Lionel Richie’s 57th, singer Ann Murray’s (“Snowbird”) 62nd, actor Danny Aiello’s 74th, and actress Olympia Dukakis and actor Martin Landau’s 76th birthdays…

Enough, already.

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