Thursday, May 10, 2007

“What the…!?!?” of the Day

Word is circulating that 20th Century Fox is doing an updated adaptation of the Street Fighter video game (which, by the way, better be a far cry from that crappy 1994 Street Fighter movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia). It’s set to be released in 2008, the 20th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise. The story is supposedly built around the character of Chun-Li, a Chinese Interpol investigator searching for clues to her father’s death.

Here’s the “What the…!?!?” moment you’ve been waiting for: IGN reports that Jessica Biel is up for the role… after it was turned down by Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba. Huh?!?!? I like all three of them… But how about casting somebody, I don’t know... ASIAN in the role? Or at least, part-Asian? The actress doesn’t even have to be Chinese (but it’d be nice). Heck, Ming-Na (Wen) played Chun-Li in the Van Damme movie. *Shudder*

Did producers skip right over the hottest Chinese actress today in Ziyi Zhang (btw, I still think she should’ve kept her name as Zhang Ziyi)? Okay, so her English isn’t that good. In fact, I find it hard to listen to her in English because of her bad accent. But hell, they kept the dialogue to a minimum for Chow Yun-Fat when he did The Replacement Killers.

What about Kelly Hu? Or Devon Aoki? Or Grace Park? Heck, I just found out about Maggie Q. – and she’s hot.

Here’s a whole list of Asian actresses at Pick your fav.


a mindless zombie said...

That was one of the worst films that I saw....ever (next to Doctor Of Island Moreau).

I remember those days of Street Fighter challenges. Eric, without know what buttons to press, would win because of his unpredictable (albiet unintentional) moves.

We need to revive a reunion/tournament.

Steve said...

The movie was on TV about a month ago... and I just couldn't tear myself away from it. I practically had to use a crowbar to pry my eyes from the screeen... I'm not proud.

I'd love to bring the game back and have a go at it... just not with you. You'd kick my ass all over again.