Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Criminally Stupid Move of the Day (a.k.a. Hero of the Day)

Note to wannabe terrorists: do not submit film of your illegal training activities to Circuit City to be converted from 8mm tape to DVD. It will probably mess with your plans.

Brian Morgenstern, a Circuit City employee in Mount Laurel, NJ, was given a tape to convert to DVD by two men on January 31, 2006. He said that the images of men shooting what appeared to be fully-automatic weapons and shouting, “God is great,” in Arabic disturbed him, but that he was moral conflicted over whether or not to tell his boss about the tape (huh?). Anyway, he ended up telling his boss and handing a copy of the tape over to authorities.

The tape led to a fifteen-month investigation of six men who live in the southern New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia. Five are charged with conspiring to kill military personnel and the sixth is charged with illegal weapons possession. Morgenstern was extremely cliché in his statement about the case – you’ll have to read the original CNN article to get the cliché.

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