Saturday, May 19, 2007


The longest running comedy in television history will air its 400th episode on Sunday, May 20. The 400 episodes represent the second most total episodes in television comedy history, just shy of the 435 episodes of Ozzie and Harriet. It will be on the air for its nineteenth season next year, trailing only Gunsmoke’s twenty seasons as television’s longest-running series.

It was a filler bit when it debuted, became the tent pole of a fledgling network, and is now a worldwide cultural phenomenon. It’s spawned dozens of catchphrases and skewered hundreds of topics, providing the basis for dozens of imitators. The show has over six hundred licensees, is the most widely-syndicated comedy in the world, and according to its producers, airs somewhere on the planet every hour of every day. July 27 will mark the show’s big-screen debut, as its long-awaited feature film makes its way into theaters.

Its 400th episode is titled “You Kent Always Say What You Want.”

The show? The Simpsons.

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