Monday, April 30, 2007

Tidbits in History

Two-hundred sixteen years ago today, George Washington took office as the first U.S. President (where would we be without him? Without the one-dollar bill, I guess). Fourteen years later, the U.S. spent $15 million buying the Louisiana Purchase from France. Eighty-six years later, Washington’s inauguration became the first U.S. national holiday. Fifty-six years after that, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide after being married for one day (talk about a short honeymoon; I still think they’re cryogenically frozen away somewhere… maybe in Mrs. McKluskey’s refrigerator on “Desperate Housewives”). Just twelve years after that, Elvis recorded “Jailhouse Rock.” Jump forward forty years, to the day that NBC aired the last episode of “The Cosby Show.” ABC aired the “coming out” episode of “Ellen” five years later, in which Ellen DeGeneres’ character declares she is a lesbian (I guess they’re not ALL hot). Coincidentally, that was the same year Madonna’s bustier was stolen from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

I have no idea why I wrote this, but if you’re still interested, head to the History Channel’s website to see their “This Day in History” video.

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