Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I spent yesterday working for the Big West at Tijeras Creek Golf Club in Rancho Santa Margarita, where we were holding the Big West Men’s and Women’s Golf Championship. I know, I know... tough job. I’m going to admit this was the first time I’d ever spent at a golf club other than for a wedding, and it was pretty nice. I would, however, advise against having to film golf, especially a lot of it. After arriving at the golf course in time to catch the second round of tee-off times, I ended up just figuring I’d have to sit between two holes and shoot everybody as they came through – a shot from the fairway, a put or two (or three, in some cases), and then get them teeing off for the next hole.

Okay, I’ve never played golf, either, except for miniature and hitting balls at a driving range, but it’s DAMN SLOW when you’re watching it. There were eight or so women’s groups with two or three players per group, and thirteen men’s groups with two or three players each. My mind was so all over the place since I’d be shooting for a while, then there’d be a five- or ten-minute lull, then I’d shoot again. No offense to the golfers out there, but ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I’m sure it’s way better when you’re playing.

I can’t imagine what those camera guys go through who shoot golf for TV, because you’re looking at the same shot over and over, and it’s not like there’s that much action. At least in other sports, there’s some back-and-forth action. Even in baseball, which is another pain in the butt to shoot, there’s a battle between the pitcher and the batter. And college pitchers work a little faster than pro pitchers.

FYI, some female golfers are WAY out of shape. Good thing they had to walk the course, because some of them REALLY needed it. I’m not saying you have to look like a supermodel, but at least look fit. I ended up deciding to shoot some golfers just putting or driving the ball, because to look at the whole package would’ve been disturbing. Seriously – there was one girl who was wearing shorts with a belt and her shirt tucked in, and her gut hung over her shorts. Ugh.

* * *

In more exciting news, I just saw the trailer for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and must say that it’s SPECTACULAR. The Harry Potter movie series is one of the few that has gotten consistently better over time. I really thought the first two Harry Potter films took the material and translated it into something a little too juvenile, but as the series has grown, they’ve stayed true to the darkening nature of the books. It’ll be interesting how they deal with Dumbledore’s apparent death in the film after this one, but after seeing the trailer for “Order of the Phoenix,” I’m not worried. The trailer showed a great mix of action, suspense, horror and some beautiful cinematography. Now I’m getting excited for July, since the movie opens on July 13 and the final Harry Potter book gets released on July 21.

See the trailer here.

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i like the look of that harry potter movie. mmm. -steph