Friday, March 30, 2007

I Guess He Looks ~a Little~ Like Steve…

Steve "Steve Chen" Chen (the one smiling, duh).

Steve "Not as rich as the other Steve Chen" Chen (also smiling).
A.K.A. "The Original"

This debuts the first in my series, Steve Chen of the Day. Having written about the possible “confusion” over two people having the same name, it got me thinking about all the other guys named “Steve Chen” out in the world. If you’re going to get confused with guys named “Peyton Manning,” you’re sure as hell going to be confused about all of us…

Steve “Steve Chen” Chen:

One of the co-founders of internet video-sharing sensation He and his partner, Chad Hurley, sold YouTube to Google, Inc. on October 16, 2006 for $1.65 billion. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at YouTube.

Steve “Not as rich as the other Steve Chen” Chen:

Is… well, me.

Contrast and compare:

Steve "Steve Chen" Chen was born in Taiwan. The Original: parts manufactured in Taiwan, assembled in U.S.

EDGE: Taiwan. They make everything!

Steve “SC” Chen immigrated to the U.S. in 1993. The Original: U.S. citizen since 1976.

EDGE: The Original. Darn immigrants taking jobs!

Steve “SC” Chen's western zodiac sign is Leo. The Original's western zodiac sign is Virgo.

EDGE: Steve “SC” Chen.

Steve “SC” Chen's Chinese zodiac sign is the horse. The Original's Chinese zodiac sign is the dragon.

EDGE: The Original. Fire-breathing, even…

Steve “SC” Chen attended a prestigious boarding school. The Original was bored in school.

EDGE: Steve “SC” Chen. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, fyi.

Steve “SC” Chen was employed at PayPal. The Original has used PayPal.

EDGE: Steve “SC” Chen.

Steve “SC” Chen co-founded You Tube. The Original: confounded, period.

EDGE: Steve “SC” Chen. I shoulda stayed in computer science.

Steve “SC” Chen sold YouTube to Google for $1.65 billion. The Original has watched 1.65 billion videos on YouTube found through Google.

EDGE: Steve “SC” Chen. I REALLY shoulda stayed in CS.

Steve “SC” Chen is partners with Chad Hurley. The Original is partners with Kindra (Hylbak) Chen.

EDGE: The Original. She’s way better looking.

Steve “SC” Chen has no children (that he knows of). The Original: Danica!

EDGE: The Original. By a landslide!

WINNER? We’ll call it a draw.

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