Thursday, October 19, 2006

Did You Know…?

The United States is rapidly approaching 300 million in population. This is a growth of 100 million over the span of 39 years (1967-2006), which is 13 years faster than the previous 100 million jump (1915-1967). Birth rates and immigration have contributed to the population growth, and the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the 300-millionth American might not be a newborn – he or she might be an immigrant.

Of course, there’s only one real reason I’m discussing this: Did you know that the 200-millionth American was a HUGE story back in 1967? So huge that Life magazine detailed his birth and followed him for a number of years. His name? Bobby Woo! Well, Robert K. Woo, Jr. (I didn't know that Asians named their kids after themselves. Hmm...). He’s a Chinese-American who was born and raised in Atlanta and speaks with a slight Southern accent.

Of course, being Asian-American, he had to follow some stereotypes: he’s a lawyer, married to another lawyer, and has two children. Oh, and he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard (B.A. in the History of Science?!), with a J.D., cum laude from Harvard as well, serving as an editor on the Harvard Law Review. On top of that, his work as a litigator for King & Spalding (Atlanta, GA) now involves pharmaceutical and medical device cases. Gee… Lawyer from Harvard with a B.A. in something dealing with science whose work involves medicine and married to another lawyer. Raise your hand if this is the life your mother wanted you to lead. *Hands waving furiously*

By the way, just in case you were wondering, he said that the line, “Hey, I’m the 200-millionth American!” does not get you laid.

Just in case you wanted to get in touch with him:

Office: (404) 572-4940

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